What is FPS in Gaming? – Types & Advantages Of High FPS in Games [2021 Guide]

The gaming industry is one the Highest-paid Industry which offers you a great Carrier in it. FPS is the most common term used in Gaming Sector. You might hear about it on Games or in Hardware Discussion. Higher the FPS, More Smoothly Game will Gun.
In this article, I will Cover All Doubts related to FPS in Gaming. What are frames per Second? Types of FPS in Gaming. Advantages and Disadvantages of Higher FPS in Gaming? So, let start with a What is FPS in Gaming?

What is fps in Gaming?

What is Fps (Frames Per Second) in Gaming?

FPS Stands for Frames per Second. In Video Games, FPS set up to show how many frames (images) your Device will displaying each second. The higher the FPS, the smoother and more responsive the game will seem.

As we Know, Every Single second of Video is Made of a collection of images (Frames). So, how many images Display in one Second is Depends on your Device’s Fps. It may be 30, 60, 90, 120, and 240. It varies in Devices and types of Games.

I Hope, You will get Cleared about FPS. If you don’t Let’s take an example and it Completely clears your Doubts about FPS forever.

Source: gfycat.com

Have you ever seen a Flipbook? FlipBook or Flick book is a small print book that contains a series of images. when the pages of Flipbook Viewed in quick succession, it creates an illusion of motion of Images. So, the Numbers of pages change in one Second is Called FPS. If 5 Pages were viewed in 1 Second it has 5Fps and it will look like a Slideshow instead of a Realistic Motion Video. Exactly, it follows the same Condition in Gaming. Higher the FPS, Smoother and More Responsive game will be.

What are the Types of FPS in Gaming?

Mainly, In phone, Pc or Console, You will find 4 types of FPS i.e. 30 FPS, 60FPS, 120 FPS, and 240 fps.

Types Of FPS in Gaming
  • 30 FPS – This is the Most Common framerate seen in the majority Of Low-End Gaming Devices it may be Phones, Pc or Console. In this 30 Frames or Images are Displayed on the Screen in one Second.
  • 60 FPS: This can be Achieved in Some well optimized Or High-End Device’s. 60 FPS display sixty images per Second on Gaming Screen. Some, Games also Provide 90 FPS in Some Scenarios.
  • 120 FPS: This is Only available in High-end Device’s which is Connected to Monitor which Provides a 144Hz Refresh Rate per Second. In Smartphones 2560×1440 Resolution Screen Provide 144Hz Refresh Rate.
  • 240 FPS: This is the highest FPS you can achieve in today’s World. This will only available when Monitor has a Refresh rate of 240Hz. There will be a higher Hardware Cost for Higher Hz Monitor.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Higher FPS in Gaming?

  • Smooth Animation: High FPS helps to Load More frames in a second which makes the game more Smoother.
  • Suppose if you are Playing games in 20FPS, it loads 20 frames in one Second and will be choppy to Play. On other hand, if you are Playing in 100FPS there will be More frames and you can react more Swiftly.
  • Responsiveness: Higher FPS brings a more responsive in-game environment which allows you to observe and analyze it better in real-time

If we talk about Disadvantages there are 2 major Problem lies in HIGH FPS SETTING.

Costly: Most of high FPS games comes in High-End Device’s which is Highly Expensive. For high FPS you need Higher Graphics Cards along with a High Refresh Rate Monitor.

Heating: Mainly Playing Games in High FPS Causes a problem of Over Heating. To avoid this you need to install a cooling system which Constantly Cools the System. Again the cooling system is also Expensive. But, in Phones, you can’t install a colling system so if your Device heats more you need to Low down its FPS.

Cooling System in Gaming

Some Most Common Questions about FPS

Which is better 30fps or 60fps?

60 fps will Give more Frames per Second which helps to Play Video or Games More Smoother than 30 fps. So, we can say 60 fps is better than 30 fps. But, at 60 Fps your Device will Heat More if your device doesn’t have a Colling System.

What is Fps in Gaming?

Fps Describe the Smoothness of Your Games. Higher the Fps more Smooth Game will be Run.

What is Full Form of FPS?

FPS Stands for Frames Per Second.

Final Words

I hope you get your All Answers about FPS in Gaming. If you still have any Doubts about FPS let Us Know in the Comment we will Cover your Doubts.
Now, You get Cleared, how FPS is important For Better Gaming Performance. If you already have a High-end Device, You can Read how to Start Carrier in eSports (Complet Roadmap). Thank You.

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