Rules & Criteria to Play PUBG Mobile or BGMI Customs (Scrims)

Hello Games, In this article we are going to see some Common Rules that Most of the Custom Orgainzer follows for their Scrims. As we discuss What are Customs (Scrims)? and How to Register Customs?. Now, Let’s See Some Basic Rules for Scrims. If You don’t Follow These Rules You may be Get Kicked or Ban from Organizers Whatsapp or Discord Server.

Rules of Pubg Scrims

Rules for PUBG Scrims (Customs)

  1. Always Ensure, that your team is registered with your in-game name as only registered players will be allowed to play. You can register up to 6 players in one team.
  2. It is mandatory for all the players of your squad to join our discord server.
  3. Kindly be punctual because Organizers are not going to wait for anyone. If there’s some issue inform the Administrator
  4. Please check your internet speed before the matches start. We are not responsible for your ping issues.
  5. No Emulator Player is Allowed
  6. As we all know, PUBG has many glitches, so we request you not to exploit any glitches. If any team is found exploiting any kind of bugs or glitches, they will be disqualified from that match.
  7. Any kind of nuisance or toxicity towards any team or their player (during tournament hours) won’t be tolerated and would lead to a ban!!
  8. Team-Up is Not Allowed In Match if we Find Someone that Team will be Banned for Upcoming 10 Customs
  9. Your PUBG Account Must have 35+ Level and Headshot Percentage Less than 35% to get Your Slot Number. (To Avoid Hackers)
  10. Do Not Share, ROOM ID & Password With Any Other Unregistered Player. If we find You are Sharing ID & Pass with Someone Your Team will get Permanently BAN.

So, This is some Comon Rules, for PUBG Custom Rooms to Keep Fair-Play Gaming Enviroment .

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